Product Recall – CandyTastic

Product: CandyTastic

Containers: All

Reason: Patent Violation.

Whilst i’m not sure where to start on this, i have been contacted by Haribo GMBH concerning violation of their patent on my product ‘CandyTastic’. The use of their company name and brand on my product has been used.

Haribo GMBH have asked that ALL product be removed from shelves and returned to the brewery and have given me a time limit of 14 days for this to happen. All product will be destroyed.

I have already made my best efforts today to contact all customers concerned.

May i also ask that any customer who has also taken photographs or used the Haribo name or Tangfastics on social media to remove it.

Should you wish to speak to us about this, please contact us at info(at)

Many Thanks



Mad Dog Brewing Co Ltd

Alexis Jones Written by:

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